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These games give me anxiety 

cool game man


Comments below Clip;

Short and sweet. Hit all the right spots. When I heard sounds close to me, I knew someone was gonna jump in my face. I wasn't disappointed. Thanks and keep up the good work.

i was bored so i'm going to download this looks like a pretty good game to me

I think you're supposed to do a review AFTER you play the game...


So random but entertaining

Nice bro, Can I use your Nikocado Model for a L4D2 mod? xd

Show post...



Quite the excellent game 10/10.

Pretty Swagerson Game. Here's My Video On It.

I really enjoyed this game, the way it crashed every time you lost had me dying lol here's my take and edits on the playthrough

CONGRATS you were my first ever video of SHITPOST SUNDAY!.... yeah I know that's not a big deal BUT I had so much fun playing this and I can't wait to play the sequel :) 

so i know this isnt the best video made on this game but uhhhhhh. also i didnt get the markiplier jumpscare sadly but i still had a great very confusing time. 

the end 

Never in my life would I have thought I'd get a Markiplier jumpscare. 10/10 would sus again.

how to make monkey leave, and also why did markiplier killed me ?

Nickocado is an avocado


15/10 Game!

yo someone help please what do you do for Kracc Bacc?? He was outside my door for like a minute and a half. I had to open the door so Markiplier didn't jumpscare me, but then KB did.

11/10 game

"Welcome to Nikocado Avocado's Mukbang Restaurant" lol 

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super funny game

I know this is a joke game, but honestly this is an insanely fun, scary, and challenging adventure, so thank you.

Spooky game that's fosho

Unos de los mejores juegos de mierda 



10/10 the best of the best, i cummed on nicokados mouth and the monke give me an erection thank god

Fuckin weird but really fun!

hor hor hor hoe horr hor hor hor hor hor/.......................................

thought there was amogus


I am dead ........ D/... Da,......ead.....


best game evar but 2 scary 😢 makes my bones squishy

bro this took me 4 attempts to beat the game. funny, full of memes. 10/10. keep up the good work 

LOVE THIS GAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

respect for the ceo of sex dlc, when is update for sex 2

best shit post ever

Game was scary BUT FUNNY!!

игра достойна большей огласки, а также я бы хотел увидеть talking Ben в новом абдейте или новой части Five Nights at Nikocado's

Wasn't expecting those jumpscares lmao caught me by surprise. Hilarious spooky game, killed that night for sure mwuahahaha cheers! 

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